V1.1 and V2 High Power Light Controller FAQ’s


Q: Does the controller come with LED’s?

A: No, but it does include 11 dual pin female connectors to attach your LED wires to the controller.

Q: What size LED’s do you recommend?

A: You may use any LED that is 5V or less and rated for 350mA or less for constant on LED’s or up to 1,000mA for Strobe Lights. We recommend the use of 3mm, 5mm, 1 Watt and 3 Watt (For Strobes) LED’s. These LED’s are readily available on eBay from reputable dealers here in the USA. We have sourced LED’s from the following seller for a few years with great success.

Online Store: http://lighthouseleds.com

eBay Store: http://stores.ebay.com/lighthouseleds

Q: Do I need resistors for my LED’s?

A: Yes. In order to calculate the required resistor you will need to know the Forward Voltage of the LED you are using along with the current requirement. Please see the Users Manual for more information on calculating resistor values under the High Power Controller section.

We have just compiled a Resistor Value sheet for the 1 Watt and 3 Watt LED’s found at lighthouseleds.com and many other places on the internet. We calculated with a 5V, 5.5V, 6V, 6.5V and 7V BEC voltage and then chose the next closest resistor value. If you can not find the correct resistor in the required Wattage, please go up in Wattage. For example, the chart states to use a 2.7 ohm at 1.3W resistor and you can not source a 1.3W version, just source a 2W version. Click to download the High Power Resistors Chart.

Q: What is the output voltage of the controller?

A: This really depends on the supply voltage from the BEC output. The output Voltage (Vout) but will be Vin (BEC Output Voltage) - 0.7v or (Vout = Vin - 0.7V). So if you are using a 5V BEC then your output voltage to the LED will be 4.3V.

Q: What size BEC is required?

A: We recommend a BEC that is capable of at least 5 amps continuous supplying 5V - 7V. This will supply approximately 25 watts of power to the controller and should be sufficient for normal operation. We now sell a very inexpensive BEC that will provide the above requirements.

Q: Why does the lights look to be flashing rather than fading in some videos?

A: This is caused by the video camera used to shoot the video. This typically happens with GoPro but can occur with other cameras also. The camera is actually catching the PWM pulse used to fade the lights. Rest assured, you will not visually see this with your eyes!

V2 FAQ’s - in addition to the above FAQ’s

Q: Can I monitor LiFe packs?

A: Yes, starting with the V2b firmware update you can monitor from 2s to 14s LiFe packs. This firmware is separate and can be found in the firmware download file.

Windows updates the file extension will be SRCH_xxx_V2x_LiFe.cpp.hex

Mac Updates the file name will be xxx_Firmware_Upgrade_V2x_LiFe

Q: Can I use the LiPo Alarm to monitor any battery on my aircraft?

A: As long as you are monitoring a LiPo or LiFe (will require a firmware update) you can monitor any pack on the aircraft from 2s to 12s LiPo or 2s to 14s LiFe.

Q: How accurate is the LiPo Alarm?

A: +/- 2% and often under 1%.

Q: Do I need to connect any wires to enable the LiPo Alarm?

A: Yes, we supply a JST lead that should be soldered inline with the pack you want to monitor. If you want to monitor a receiver pack, connect the JST lead inline on the BEC side of battery / BEC connection. If you want to monitor the flight packs we suggest the JST lead be inline on the ESC side of the connection this way the LiPo alarm can remain in the aircraft.

Q: Do I need a Bluetooth Module for the V2 Light Controller?

A: No you don’t since USB communication is still built in. However it does make programing a little easier if your Light Controller is stored away in your aircraft.

Q: Do I need a Bluetooth Module for each V2 Light Controller I buy?

A: No, in fact we suggest you only purchase a single Bluetooth Module. Because the Bluetooth Module operates on 2.4GHz we recommend the unit be removed from the aircraft after programing and before flight to reduce any risk of interference with your radio system. We supply each Light Controller with a Bluetooth adapter cable allowing you to hide the Light Controller and still have access to the cable to plug in the Bluetooth module and program your aircraft.

Q: Does the Bluetooth Module work with Android or iOS?

A: No and for the foreseeable future we do not anticipate compatibility with these devices. You will need a Windows PC, Windows Tablet or a Mac capable of running the Dashboard with Bluetooth to use this feature. If your computer does not have Bluetooth built in, you can purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter to enable Bluetooth on your computer.

Q: Can I just buy my own Bluetooth Adapter to use with the Light Controller, it looks to be a generic device?

A: You could but you are taking a risk as it may not work. There are two things at issue here, one is the programmed baud rate and second is the TX / RX level shifting. We have sourced units that meet the level shifting requirements of our Light Controllers along with programming them for compatibility, this way all you have to do is plug it in, pair the module with your computer and connect.