Firmware Updates


Light Controllers shipped after July 1, 2016 will have V1.1d / V2d loaded.

Firmware Downloads are Password Protected: When a new Firmware is released, you will receive a email with a user ID along with a Password to access the firmware downloads.

Due to the nature of how settings are stored, major updates will erase your controller settings. Please make note of your settings so you can reprogram your controller. Major updates will be denoted with a * next to the update file.

Please download the Updater for your Operating System and follow the videos below to upgrade your Light Controller.

Current Firmware: *** Version D firmware is not a Major Release if upgrading from Version C, it will reset the boards to defaults if upgrading from Version B ***

V2e updates will reset all previous settings due to a change in the GUI.

Windows:                                                 Mac:

Version 1.1 Firmware                              Version 1.1 Firmware

V1.1d                                                         V1.1d

Version 2 Firmware                                 Version 2 Firmware

V2e                                                            V2e

Click here for Older Firmware

Click here for Older Manuals

Make sure to select the correct firmware for your controller. Nothing bad will happen if you load the wrong firmware, it just will not work correctly.

Special Notes for Windows users:

When downloading the Firmware Update, Do Not click the option to Open the file, click the Save File option. You Must save the file first then extract the contents of the Zip file to work properly.

Windows 7 and earlier will require Microsoft .NET 4.0 to run the firmware update utility. After downloading the utility and trying to perform the update, if you get a .NET 4 error please use this link to go directly to Microsofts’s .NET downloads page.

Special Note about Updating V2 Light Controllers:

Firmware updates to the V2 Light Controllers must be done over USB. When performing an update make sure your Bluetooth Module is not connected to the Light Controller you are updating.

Click here to view the Change Logs.